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Jackson Kelly
(Series Regular on Chucky & Witch Mountain, Lucky Hank, Lessons in Chemistry,

I refer to Lauren as my secret weapon. I can honestly say that I would not be where I am today without her. Young Actors House offers opportunities that put your future in the fast lane. I’m from a small town in Texas with no industry connections. I always had a dream of being an actor but had no clue how to start. Young Actor’s House was the perfect place for me. The studio laid the groundwork that my career has been built upon. Young Actors House is the perfect place for an actor to go no matter what level they may be at. If you’re just starting out it’s a great place to learn the ins and outs of the industry and get comfortable with performing material in front of people. The space is so friendly and welcoming. I immediately felt at ease the first time I walked through the front door. Lauren will teach you everything from the basics of scene study all the way to filming your first audition. She breaks down building a scene into easy and understandable steps. Uta Hagen’s Nine Questions is one of the tentpoles of the Young Actor’s House. It’s a technique I still use to this day when working on set or preparing an audition. The tools you learn in this class will stick with you for life. Young Actors House brings in agents and managers from Los Angeles, New York, and the Texas area for students to get the chance to get in front of. It was through these workshops that I signed with my manager. I am still happily signed with her to this day and couldn’t be more grateful to Young Actors House for the introduction. Lauren knows just about everyone in the casting field. It’s through her connections that she is able to have some of the industry's top casting directors come out to Texas or hop on a zoom call to meet and work with her students. The chance to work one on one with top casting directors is immeasurably helpful to an actor trying to build momentum. The connections I have made with casting directors through Young Actors' House have helped me get my foot in the door and in a couple of cases book a job.  

A lot of people say that in this industry it’s all about who you know. Well, if that’s the case, then Lauren Lazell is who you should know. She is a connector of people. Her positivity and passion for young artists is what makes her able to mold novice actors like myself into bookable working actors. In addition to agents, managers, and casting directors, Young Actors House will bring in special guests to teach classes from time to time. These guests may vary from improv experts to seasoned voice over actors and everything in between. These sorts of classes can introduce students to something new and broaden the viewpoint of what is possible. More than anything, Lauren believes in you. This industry is tough and sometimes all you need is just one person in your corner who is there to encourage you. Lauren has always been that for me, and she can be that for you too.  


Mason Thames
(Lead in Black Phone, For All Mankind, How To Train Your Dragon)

As the mom of a successful young actor, I am asked all the time for guidance on how to break into the industry.  My response is always “call Lauren at Young Actors House, she’s the best!”.  There are no quick or magic tricks.  It takes work.  Lauren’s vast knowledge of the entertainment industry spans decades, from studying at NYU’s renowned Tisch School of the Arts to her time spent in Los Angeles in casting.  Lauren‘s program can provide the tools necessary to navigate the entertainment industry. 

Thank you Lauren for your knowledge and expertise over the years as well as your friendship.

Elizabeth Thames
(mother of actor
Mason Thames)


Mateo Fernandez
(Series Regular on

Hulu's Love, Victor)

On the very first day of classes. Lauren told me what she thought the future would look like for my kid; I thought -wow that's a huge stretch, but every single one of those things she said on that day, have come true for my son. Lauren knows what the industry is looking for, because she maintains a great relationship with talent agencies, she knows who is casting what, and works hard to bring incredible opportunities to the studio in the form of workshops and special classes with great Casting Directors, Managers and Actors. Lauren brings out the best out of each kid, knows their strengths, helps them to overcome their weaknesses and roots for everyone. She is an outstandig teacher and a beautiful human.


Eliza Pryor
(Series Regular on Team Kaylie, Alexa & Katie, Raven's Home, Grown-ish)

Lauren and Young Actors House has been a blessing for our daughter Eliza.  Her guidance and expertise have contributed to Eliza's growth as an actor.   Lauren always makes sure to fit us in her schedule for self tapes/coaching, no matter how busy she may be.  Eliza's auditions always shine because of her direction and ability to get the most authentic take.  In addition to Lauren's knowledge and professionalism, she is an amazing person!!  

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